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The K.C.N. Pro Salt Station® Difference

When K.C.N. Solutions began their business over three years ago, they asked themselves this question, “What type of product can we create that will increase worker safety, save time and money, and be environmentally-friendly for the snow and salt industry?”  Out of that, the K.C.N. Pro Salt Station was born.  The K.C.N. Pro Salt Station is a new technology that has been developed to help organizations and businesses save time, money and increase worker safety by providing a convenient station that houses an elevated box which stores flowable materials in it.

Whether you are a salt supplier or need salt for your own business, K.C.N. Pro Salt Station will help you in preserving your product over a longer period of time and eliminate the need for bags that are a hazard to the environment.

These boxes hold a wide variety of different products that include:

  • Treated Salt
  • Liquid De-Icer

Why use a  K.C.N. Pro Salt Station® ?

  • Save Time by using fewer trips to refill
  • Save Money, no broken or wasted product
  • Increase Worker Safety
    • No more lifting heavy bulk bags
    • Reduction in Workers Compensation Claims
  • Go GREEN
    • No Pallets
    • No Bags
    • Leads to a reduction in CARBON Footprint
  • No Inside Inventory Storage Required
  • No Pre-Season Bag Inventory Purchases
  • Refill when/as needed

Here’s what one of the worlds largest Automakers has to say about K.C.N.’s Salt Stations:


“Mitsubishi Motors North America Manufacturing Division in Normal, Illinois, has contracted with Prochnow Landscaping for our snow-removal business for the past seven years. We have been pleased by their commitment to cost control through measures such as their introduction of the K.C.N. Pro Salt Station Delivery System® for treated sidewalk salt. Introduction of this system has reduced MMNA’s cost for winter sidewalk maintenance by approximately 50% and reduced our time before initial salt deployment because it provides a salt supply in close proximity to all sidewalks serving our expansive automotive assembly facility.

From our experience, we recommend the K.C.N. Pro Salt Station Delivery System as a safe, effective, and easily-refillable outside storage solution for treated sidewalk salt.”


-Don Page, Mitsubishi Motors N.A., Manufacturing Division