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The K.C.N. Pro Mobile Station™ Difference

The NEW K.C.N. Pro Mobile Station enables you to do more business at bulk rates and in a more proficient manner. You will dramatically improve your efficiency by utilizing this new technology and significantly reduce the risk of injury to your employees. Tired of making multiple trips to get and load your product? With the new mobile station, you will be able to take your product with you wherever it needs to go. By building on our already proven Pro Bulk Stations, this new mobile station puts you on the fast track to success. The K.C.N. Pro Mobile Station will help you achieve time and money savings, increase worker safety and promote the use of more environmentally “green” products than what is currently available on the market today.

Our Pro Mobile Station enables you to carry lawn fertilizer, grass seed, ice melt, wood pellets, sands, oil, chemicals, animal feed, athletic field mix and a whole range of other products.

New features and technologies include:

NEW — Push Button Controls
NEW — Breakaway Auger Spout
NEW — Flexible use of Liquids and Dry Products

KCN Pro Mobile Station Unit
KCN Pro Mobile Station Easy Load
KCN Pro Mobile Station Load Height

It’s time to expect more from your time and dollar, so contact K.C.N. Solutions today to purchase your own Pro Mobile Station and be sure to inquire about our full line of products!

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