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The K.C.N. Pro Bulk Station® Difference

When K.C.N. Solutions began their business over three years ago, they asked themselves this question, “What type of product can we create that will increase worker safety, save time and money, and be environmentally-friendly?”  Out of that, the K.C.N. Pro Bulk Station® was born.  The K.C.N. Pro Bulk Station® is a new technology that has been developed to help organizations and businesses save time, money and increase worker safety by providing a convenient station that houses an elevated box which stores flowable materials in it.

K.C.N. Pro Bulk Station® will help you sell your product in bulk while at the same time preserving your product over a longer period of time and eliminate the need for bags that are a hazard to the environment.

K.C.N. Pro Bulk Stations® dispense a variety of products:

  • Lawn Fertilizer
  • Grass Seed
  • Wood Pellets
  • Sands
  • Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Animal Feed
  • Pet Safe Salt
  • Bird Seed
  • Sunflower Seed
  • Athletic Field Mix
  • Floor Dry

K.C.N. Solutions has developed a reputation for providing quality, customer service to go with their Pro Bulk Stations and our clients agree. Please contact us today for more information!

K.C.N. Risk Management  Provides Full Service Resources

  • Convenient & Mobile Stations can leased through K.C.N. Solutions
  • Station refill service on-site
  • Bulk salt piles treatment service
  • Custom salt spreading
  • Liquid de-icing service
  • 5-Station satellites, K.C.N. Bulk/K.C.N. Salt